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SPH SUSTAINABLE PROCESS HEAT GmbH secures substantial growth


SPH SUSTAINABLE PROCESS HEAT GmbH secures substantial growth financing in the run-up to the COP26 summit in Glasgow

SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH is both proud of and enthusiastic about the fact that we have secured substantial and long-term growth funding, which will fuel the final development, production, testing and delivery of our industrial heat pump, The ThermBoosterTM – and bring it to the market with the speed it deserves.

The ThermBoosterTM, which can deliver both hot water and steam, runs on lower temperature waste heat and can deliver temperatures up to 165 °C (329 °F). It can be used in a large variety of industrial applications and can also produce heat for district heating purposes.

By installing a ThermBoosterTM heat pump, an industrial site can reduce (or remove) their reliance on fossil fuels and save more than 1.000 tons of CO2 emissions a year per MW installed. The product can therefore play an imperative role in the fight against climate change, especially since the pay-back time will be as short as 1-3 years (without incentives).

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The company plans early deliveries in Q2-2022 and warmly welcome interested customers to contact us.

Geschäftsführer, Dr. Tim Hamacher
Managing Director

Dr. Tim Hamacher

Geschäftsführer, Andreas Mück
Managing Director

Andreas Mück

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