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Delivered: the first two ThermBooster™!

Providing high-temperature heat

The two ThermBoosters™ provide high-temperature heat to UBQ Materials' bio-based recycled plastic drying process.

Israeli company UBQ Materials has patented the world's first bio-based plastic made from 100 per cent unsorted household waste, including organic and non-recyclable materials. UBQ™ is a climate-friendly, cost-competitive and fully recyclable raw material that can be used as a sustainable replacement for plastic, wood or concrete. As a circular solution for waste, the material conserves natural resources and reduces the carbon footprint of end products – and is recyclable itself.

ThermBooster™ as part of the circular plastic economy

Together with the system supplier for cooling and temperature control systems Technotrans Solutions GmbH, SPH is equipping the drying process in the new factory of UBQ Materials in the Netherlands with two powerful high-temperature industrial heat pumps.

Managing Director Dr Tim Hamacher explains the advantages: "Both our ThermBooster™ are equipped with two compressors each and continuously supply heat to UBQ's drying process. Since their compressors operate independently of each other in a 2-circuit configuration, they provide surplus capacity and thus redundancy at all times. This means that even if one compressor were to fail for any reason, UBQ's operations can continue 24/7."

"We are proud to be a part of this fantastic project," he continues. "UBQ Materials' technology to turn household waste into useful and recyclable thermoplastics is a great example of how an environmentally friendly circular economy can work."

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Geschäftsführer, Dr. Tim Hamacher
Managing Director

Dr. Tim Hamacher

Geschäftsführer, Andreas Mück
Managing Director

Andreas Mück

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