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SPH is a partner in the "HeatTransPlan" project

Die Projektbeteiligten plädieren unter anderem für die Priorisierung von Wärmerückgewinnungsmaßnahmen, um dem Klimawandel entgegenzuwirken.

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On the way to climate-neutral process heat

Interdisciplinary joint project supports the decarbonization of industry

As a specialist in industrial high-temperature heat pumps, SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH is part of the interdisciplinary "HeatTransPlan" project team. The project, which was launched at the beginning of 2024, is a joint project involving science, industry and associations funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK). It aims to reduce CO2 emissions in industry through the innovative use of waste heat.

Led by Paderborn University and in collaboration with industrial partners and associations as transfer platforms, the "HeatTransPlan" project is developing solutions to support industrial companies on their way to climate-neutral process heat.

The first step is to develop a digital toolkit that uses machine learning methods to identify energy requirements based on energy and production data and determine an optimal heat utilization path. The tool supports the industry in selecting the optimal solution.

A second step is the development of a high-temperature storage system for process heat to facilitate the decarbonization of discontinuous processes and integrate fluctuating renewable energy sources, thus ensuring a robust and uninterrupted supply.

SPH supports this project with its broad and deep expertise in the field of industrial heat pumps, especially for temperatures above 100°C, which play an important role in the generation of process heat.

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