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Welcome to our Corporate Blog!

Geschäftsführer Dr. Tim Hamacher & Andreas Mück, vor dem Thermbooster

Welcome to our Corporate Blog!

We are very pleased to present our new blog. Here you will find exciting articles about high-temperature industrial heat pumps, trends and current developments, specialist topics and new technologies, in which we share our know-how with you.

“Let’s make the world a lot greener”

First, a few words about us: We, Andreas Mück and Tim Hamacher, founded SPH to make an effective contribution to sustainability and climate protection. Our high-temperature heat pump ThermBoosterTM not only saves energy and costs, but also reduces CO2 emissions in industrial processes. "Let's make the world a lot greener" was and is our claim by which we want to be measured.

Privately, we drive electric cars and bikes, live in a passive house and try to live as climate-neutrally as possible. We also want to live this approach professionally. Together, we can look back on over 50 years of professional experience in the automotive and refrigeration industry. We have used this know-how to develop our technology, from which companies in the process industry benefit in many sectors.

Andreas Mück & Dr. Tim Hamacher

Especially in times of climate change, we need a new technology for CO2-free heat above 100 degrees. And we have the tool for industry to do it.

SPH Managing Director Andreas Mück and Dr. Tim Hamacher

Energy saving in the process industry

Energy saving through heat recovery is a topic that is becoming increasingly important for industry. Not only to save costs and become independent of fossil fuels, but also for reasons of sustainability. The ThermBoosterTM saves energy and costs and reduces CO2 emissions in production. At the same time, it is extremely flexible and versatile: it generates steam or hot liquids with temperatures of up to 200°C and can be easily integrated into almost any production environment thanks to its modular, multi-step design.

SPH – innovation, development, consulting

In our professional careers, we were involved in the development of a then novel industrial heat pump that was able to raise existing waste heat to 160°C and make it available as process heat. As “tinkerers” and developers, we stuck with the technology and engineered a completely new design and a new piston machine. We have already applied for several patents on our own developments.

At our new location in Overath, employees from various fields are involved in the development and construction of the ThermBoosterTM. Offices and production hall are located next to each other. In addition to production, we place great emphasis on consulting and service, because for many of our customers the technology is still new and usually also has to be individually adapted to the existing production environment.

Our blog as a platform for exchange

So the need for information is great - and with our blog we would like to create a platform where customers, interested parties and other colleagues in the industry can find information and get started on the topic. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you and working together on a sustainable future.

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